Purchasing a Book

Purchasing a Book

Good day everyone,

Given that I am a new author, the big bookstores are somewhat uncomfortable to carry my book in their stores. Therefore, after learning this, I have started communicating with various stores in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec to get authorization from each store to leave a number of copies of the book on consignment. This has been done at Coles in Cornwall Ontario and over the next few days will do this at Chapters/Indigo, Coles and Prospero in the Ottawa region, and soon in western Québec.

The book is available online either in paperback, hardcopy and ebook. Unfortunately, because I am a new author, the message tends to say – “Currently out of stock” – however, I have tested this situation and ordered one online and it was shipped last Friday so please do not be deterred from ordering online because of the message. The book is in reality available as it is on a “Print-on-Demand” process. Within a few days, it will be shipped to you.

If you wish to have a book sooner, then contact me (use contact form) and I will ship it via Canada Post upon payment on PayPal.

Thank you for your understanding. Once I become a famous (or maybe infamous) author then the bookstores will be running after me to carry my book…LOL