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Next events – Prochain événements

Next events – Prochain événements

Event # 1

I am pleased and honoured to announce that I will be interviewed on CHOQ FM – 105,3 on August 15th at 3 PM, about my experience as a family caregiver. The interview will be in French.


Event # 2

Two days later, on the 17th I will be doing a presentation and book signing, between 2 and 4 PM, at the offices of a  wonderful organization that provides services to elderly people who wish to remain in their own home for as long as possible – Silver Door Homecare in.

RSVP : lastingtouchbook at


Comments and feedback received from readers

Comments and feedback received from readers

Dear Jean-François. Finished your book. A mother could not have had a better son. Bravo! And what a fine lady she was.

Loved the funny stories about the time with you under the cubicle as well as the touching account about Bea. Being from Pembroke I was pleased to learn of such a good woman there.

And, Jean-Francois, ‎could I ever relate to your childhood health problems and also to how your family reacted to you caring for your mother. We have had some very similar experiences. Which has made us into the wonderful people we are!

Thanks for telling your story. And I am sure other caregivers can benefit from it, right down to the details.

Love, Ben


It was my pleasure to have Linda and Jean-François share their experiences, expertise and encourage us to share and understand that caring for a/both parents/aging family members can be challenging at times…from a relationship standpoint with our parents, our siblings and our spouse. Some of the conversations identified that the interactions with our aging parents can at times be funny, sad, scary and confusing. There are resources available, however, some of the options may not be appropriate for the circumstances, as was evident by some of the stories shared last evening.



Thank you to Sheryl, who wrote a beautiful article on the CARP – Ottawa chapter about two sons who cared for their respective mothers. Follow the link:


Dear Jean-François, we both read your book and you really moved our emotions to the core with your beautiful story. Bravo! We really adored reading it…


Happy to announce that “Lasting Touch” is now available in many bookstores

Happy to announce that “Lasting Touch” is now available in many bookstores

During the months of March, April and May, I had the good fortune to be in different cities to promote my book and can now announce that my book is now avalable in the following locations:

In Puerto Vallarta Mexico at “A page in the Sun” Café/Bookstore –  –  This wonderful café/bookstore is a must for anyone visiting Puerto Vallarta as they carry thousands of used books for you to read.

In Vancouver, BC at Little Sisters, Book & Art Emporium on Davie Street.

In Cornwall, ON at Coles Bookstore (Launch and book signing on March 18th, 2017)

In Ottawa, ON at Chapters in Gloucester (Book signing on May 13th and 14th, 2017)

I am also looking at being at the Toronto Art & Book Fair from June 16th to 18th –

As communicated before, the paperback and the ebook versions are also available online either at Chapters/Indigo and on Amazon.

I am in the process of finalizing the Canadian availability (Print-on-demand) with a reputable printer in Monreal, QC

Useful Resources both for Caregivers as well as Elders living in their own homes

Useful Resources both for Caregivers as well as Elders living in their own homes

Good day,

Today I want to share several resources that I have highlighted in my book. Whether you are already caring for an elder parent in your own home or you are living in your own home, there are many things you can do for a low cost to make life easier for everyone.

  • Toaster-oven instead of a standard toaster: Getting a toaster-oven attached to the underside of your cupboard, where the tray actually slides out when you open the door downward, is much safer and will eliminate any potential burning of your hand when removing your toasts. Make sure you get one that rings when the toasts are done to your liking.
  • Cordless kettle: When you want to boil water for tea or any other need, having a cordless kettle is much safer. It comes with a base from which the cord is connected to power. You can bring the kettle to the sink or a water jug, fill it then put it back on the base and push the lever to boil the water. As soon as the water as boiled, it turns off and you can the safely take the cordless kettle and pour water in your cup or any other container depending on your need.
  • Bell to attract attention: Today you will find in most hardware stores a doorbell system that does not require any wiring, just batteries. You hang the bell unit where it will be best heard and you install (with screws or velcro) the bell push button either on the night table or any other room where someone would need to attract your attention. It can also be used outside, should you not have a doorbell for your house so you know when someone is at the door. For security reasons, I actually changed my front door for a model with a window so my mother could determine who was at the door before letting anyone in the house.

Many more suggestions and tips are described in the book to make your house elder friendly. Happy reading.

Should you be so inclined, I would welcome comments either on my web page or on amazon. It is always useful to hear what readers have gotten from my book.

This past weekend I was chatting with a friend who read my book and had also bought extra copies and gave them to some of his customers. One of which was his bank manager. He shared with me that she mentioned that being a caregiver herself to her elder mother and after reading the book, realized she was often impatient with her mother and going forward would not loose patience with her mother.

First Book Launch and Signing

First Book Launch and Signing

Hello friends,

I am happy to share with you all that this coming Saturday, March 18, 2017, I will be having a book launch and signing at the Coles Bookstore at the Cornwall Square shopping Mall situated at 1 Water Street, Cornwall, ON K6H 6M2.

I will be there between 11 am and 2 pm to autograph your purchase as well as answer your questions about my experience as a main home caregiver.

Hope to see many of you there

“It was the most rewarding and gratifying experience of my life.”

“It was the most rewarding and gratifying experience of my life.”

I am amazed yet very thankful at the level of interest and encouragement by so many people to the topic of family elder care. I am often asked why I wrote my memoirs about being the main home caregiver to my mother.

It is very simple for me. At a very young age, I was very ill and mother cared for me as well as managing an entire household and a farm with my father. In later years, the time came when I could do the same for her, and I willingly did it to the best of my knowledge. It was my turn to be the caregiver.

Sometimes our aging parents may reach a point in their lives where, from a medical perspective, a child is often not equipped to care for them in their own home. That is a sad yet fact of life. However, when it is possible then we should not ignore that possibility. It can be done without having to sacrifice one’s career, social life, and goals.

Yes, there were challenges however so many happy moments and wonderful discoveries. As parents and children sometimes grow apart, these wonderful years of caring for my mother brought us much closer to each other and together we rediscovered so many forgotten memories.

All the actions, the adjustments, the learning, and insights we discovered together have been shared in “Lasting Touch”, along with resources that might be useful to readers.

I can only hope that others, more sons, will be inspired to take a more active role in caring for their parents as they age.

Lasting Touch “The book” – now available on Chapters/Indigo\Coles and Amazon

Lasting Touch “The book” – now available on Chapters/Indigo\Coles and Amazon

Dear friends and supporters, I am happy to say that I picked up 200 copies of my newly published and now printed book. Over the coming weeks, I will be organizing book launches in various locations in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Stay tuned to my facebook page for event dates.

I had a mini book launch at my friend’s Van Houtte on Metcalfe street (north of De Maisonneuve) in Montreal as well as another Saturday morning at the #theVillageDiner in Cornwall. Both were successful and I was overwhelmed by the level of interest.


Thank you to everyone