Comments and feedback received from readers

Comments and feedback received from readers

Dear Jean-François. Finished your book. A mother could not have had a better son. Bravo! And what a fine lady she was.

Loved the funny stories about the time with you under the cubicle as well as the touching account about Bea. Being from Pembroke I was pleased to learn of such a good woman there.

And, Jean-Francois, ‎could I ever relate to your childhood health problems and also to how your family reacted to you caring for your mother. We have had some very similar experiences. Which has made us into the wonderful people we are!

Thanks for telling your story. And I am sure other caregivers can benefit from it, right down to the details.

Love, Ben


It was my pleasure to have Linda and Jean-François share their experiences, expertise and encourage us to share and understand that caring for a/both parents/aging family members can be challenging at times…from a relationship standpoint with our parents, our siblings and our spouse. Some of the conversations identified that the interactions with our aging parents can at times be funny, sad, scary and confusing. There are resources available, however, some of the options may not be appropriate for the circumstances, as was evident by some of the stories shared last evening.



Thank you to Sheryl, who wrote a beautiful article on the CARP – Ottawa chapter about two sons who cared for their respective mothers. Follow the link:


Dear Jean-François, we both read your book and you really moved our emotions to the core with your beautiful story. Bravo! We really adored reading it…


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