Useful Resources both for Caregivers as well as Elders living in their own homes

Useful Resources both for Caregivers as well as Elders living in their own homes

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Today I want to share several resources that I have highlighted in my book. Whether you are already caring for an elder parent in your own home or you are living in your own home, there are many things you can do for a low cost to make life easier for everyone.

  • Toaster-oven instead of a standard toaster: Getting a toaster-oven attached to the underside of your cupboard, where the tray actually slides out when you open the door downward, is much safer and will eliminate any potential burning of your hand when removing your toasts. Make sure you get one that rings when the toasts are done to your liking.
  • Cordless kettle: When you want to boil water for tea or any other need, having a cordless kettle is much safer. It comes with a base from which the cord is connected to power. You can bring the kettle to the sink or a water jug, fill it then put it back on the base and push the lever to boil the water. As soon as the water as boiled, it turns off and you can the safely take the cordless kettle and pour water in your cup or any other container depending on your need.
  • Bell to attract attention: Today you will find in most hardware stores a doorbell system that does not require any wiring, just batteries. You hang the bell unit where it will be best heard and you install (with screws or velcro) the bell push button either on the night table or any other room where someone would need to attract your attention. It can also be used outside, should you not have a doorbell for your house so you know when someone is at the door. For security reasons, I actually changed my front door for a model with a window so my mother could determine who was at the door before letting anyone in the house.

Many more suggestions and tips are described in the book to make your house elder friendly. Happy reading.

Should you be so inclined, I would welcome comments either on my web page or on amazon. It is always useful to hear what readers have gotten from my book.

This past weekend I was chatting with a friend who read my book and had also bought extra copies and gave them to some of his customers. One of which was his bank manager. He shared with me that she mentioned that being a caregiver herself to her elder mother and after reading the book, realized she was often impatient with her mother and going forward would not loose patience with her mother.

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