“It was the most rewarding and gratifying experience of my life.”

“It was the most rewarding and gratifying experience of my life.”

I am amazed yet very thankful at the level of interest and encouragement by so many people to the topic of family elder care. I am often asked why I wrote my memoirs about being the main home caregiver to my mother.

It is very simple for me. At a very young age, I was very ill and mother cared for me as well as managing an entire household and a farm with my father. In later years, the time came when I could do the same for her, and I willingly did it to the best of my knowledge. It was my turn to be the caregiver.

Sometimes our aging parents may reach a point in their lives where, from a medical perspective, a child is often not equipped to care for them in their own home. That is a sad yet fact of life. However, when it is possible then we should not ignore that possibility. It can be done without having to sacrifice one’s career, social life, and goals.

Yes, there were challenges however so many happy moments and wonderful discoveries. As parents and children sometimes grow apart, these wonderful years of caring for my mother brought us much closer to each other and together we rediscovered so many forgotten memories.

All the actions, the adjustments, the learning, and insights we discovered together have been shared in “Lasting Touch”, along with resources that might be useful to readers.

I can only hope that others, more sons, will be inspired to take a more active role in caring for their parents as they age.

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