January 10, 2017 – A very special day

January 10, 2017 – A very special day

Today my memoirs have been published. I hope that the story of a son’s love and dedication to his mother and having been the main caregiver to his elder mother will hopefully encourage other sons and son-in-laws to take on this role of caring for an elder member of the family.

There will be times when, due to severe medical conditions, this might not be possible however when it is at all possible, I hope that more males will consider this role.

To all those out there who already are, my most sincere thanks. Your elder member of your family may not say so however, I am sure, like my mother, they do appreciate it very much.

To all those, who are considering taking on this role, though there will be challenges, the outcomes a very gratifying

2 thoughts on “January 10, 2017 – A very special day

  1. I commend what you have or are doing and know how hard it can be.As I have done it for both parents and would do it all over again.Yours truly Scott Greenough

  2. Dear Jean-Francois, thank you for sharing with all of us the challenges and the gratification of looking after an elderly parent. Would love to read your memoirs. Working with seniors I understand very well what they go through especially when they don’t have any family members around. It’s heart breaking. I command you for what you did. Yours, Anca

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